Thu Feb 17, 6: So I turn it off again. Originally posted by Ins nity: I finally got one with a similar problem to mine to work by clearing the CMOS for a little over a minute. I saw your other thread and skimmed through both as I’m too tired to really read through them

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: If you had the 4 pin connector it would have been fine. Same exact system as yours? I use a w low end Antec on my file server which is: Okay, I abih abit nf7-s2 “shorting” the mobo was a permenant kind of thing and since it has posted in the case, this would abit nf7-s2 be happening.

Didn’t need to remove the battery. I have not heard of this board before.

Tue Mar 08, 4: Originally Posted by bandicot. Sun Feb 20, 7: I assumed you were using an unlocked Mobile for some reason. Utwig Ars Praefectus Tribus: Now when it starts up I get no screen but nt7-s2 one long beep.

I’m almost positive that the second picture in that link is how my mobo is layed out. Abit nf7-s2 me, I somehow blew the abit nf7-s2 of RAM.

Abit NF7-S2 Manuals

I set up a sterile work area and ground both my arms with bracelets attacked to two seperate huge pieces of metal. Jun 1, Posts: I’m abit nf7-s2 work now but that Abit nf7-s2 grease thing sounds like it might be true.

Insanity, I stand corrected. Put everything back together and assemble it with everything connected. Any help would again be appreciated.

ABIT NF7-S2, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

abit nf7-s2 I would agree with that. Its not comprehensive, but gives you an idea what works nf7s2 this MB. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.

This sounds very similair to what I experienced a few abit nf7-s2 ago.

I’ll let abit nf7-s2 guys know how it goes down. Plug in one more piece. The non-existent multiplier is one thing, but I also sbit about other limiting factors something about 2-phase and not 3-phase, limited voltage options and no CL 2 for memory. Thu Feb 17, 7: Could it still be abit nf7-s2 mobo?

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It sounds like you did the right thing when clearing the CMOS. Join Date Sep Posts 1.

Any suggestions on what to do next to fix it? Fixed the board into the chassis and connected abit nf7-s2 rest of my gear to the board abit nf7-s2 on between every change to make sure it would still post and everything was fine until I tried swapping the old RAM for my 2xMB shiny Corsair DDR RAM sticks at which point I was back to square one with no post.

Thanks for the continuing help, guys.