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Eruption Dagger lvl 65 6slots. Gloves [Light Armor] lvl 40 1 slot. Anonymous July 15, at 2:

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Sorry for bad English.

After finishing the Arena, talk to Leonnile again and you will be able to unlock gunblader profession. AxnDX October 2, at 3: Anonymous October 9, at Maybe next year will have a full russian vrs of this game, its a shame that they will be oore first to translate fully.

As you might already know, an ehroes version of the game has been released, for s40v5 and so on Can you help me i want to help in translation but i dont know how to please give me a guide on how to translate.

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Hopw the new base of translation will hasten things up a little Go this link for walkthrougs. Virus7 October 1, at Anonymous March 1, at Let us know if this is possible. Anonymous October 6, at 5: I can't help you bro.

If you want any other java game - select it from the upper block. To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. AxnDX August 24, at Piyush May 2, at 1: Virus7 October 3, at 7: Anonymous March 8, at This game is my favorite i started playing Wind of Soltia and finish it: Your links are in post now with credits, Have fun!

AxnDX: Gaming Bloggers: Heroes Lore: Zero (EA + Hands On Mobile)! (9+1) + Cheats :)

I will let you know, and will keep updating about game. I guess more people will see it here: Swamp South 3rd fragment: Boneyard North 4th fragment: Is it Chinese ejglish Korean, or none of them? Downloading is very simple: Alright bro i understand just dont forget to do it good luck in your exams: Anonymous September 14, at 9: Chest lvl 60 3 slots. Jham December 14, at 1: A continuation of eenglish South Korean travel!

Boots lvl 60 1 slot.

I almost blow my head thinking about unlocking it. Unlock the Gunblader Profession first.

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