Jazler radiostar 2.2.30

Help Center Video Tutorials Manuals. A brand new algorithm finds cue points in less than half a second for each song, avoiding awkward air silences. You can also be notified if a specific package exceeds a maximum time to avoid a crowded and tiring commercial break. Preview your playlist from it's beggining or from a selected point. You can also define some scales if you want to be more specific about the songs you want to be chosen.

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Then right click and select your action. Advanced Automated Rotation Scheduling The scheduler in RS2 is designed and based on the clock system, where you can create clocks and then program them what time to be active and 2.2.3. Voice tracks can be re-used whenever you want with great ease. By the end of October, SimplePack won't be available for sale although we will continue the technical support.

Check it out HERE. After the release raciostar SimplePack, RadioStar was designed and coded from the scratch, to be able to be expandable over the time.

Television-Radio shows, theatres, live perfomances can use JazlerShow's incredible features! You can have quick access to palettes and categories seperated with different colors, so you radiostad get confused. The new version fixes minor bugs which you can check here! This special feature of RS2, updates automatically the.

Jazler has the full features of an automation, like programmable playlistscommercialsbumpersprogrammable and manual graphicsprogrammable and manual pass-through of up to three video lines where you can also add graphics to themaudio leveling with either a compressor or AGC.

It also can make a mirror of the database on a different computer for emergency playout purposes. Update for the RadioStar 2! Every element can be categorized so it can be easy to find. We are extremely grateful to every radio station who trusted SimplePack, all over the world for 15 years. Jazler Software announces the new version of Jazler24, 1.

JAZLER Radio Automation Software

Preview your playlist from it's beggining or from a selected point. Jazler Software announces the withdrawal of Jazler SimplePack. RadioStar II is the latest radio product from Jazler software.

Hear crystal clear sound from all the popular file formats. You can adjust the ardiostar of the RDS in daily and hour basis. Thank you again for your support.

QuickEdit Feature In Songs Edit the properties of songs without radikstar their analysis, quickly and easily from the database. You can add Songs, Jingles, Spots etc on your clock. Make your rotation in an external playlist and mazler the playlist text file in seconds. Import Playlists from most Playlisters! You can use this feature, so as to provide several services to your listeners, like sending an sms and get directly an answering message with the song title and artist.

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You can also be notified if a specific package exceeds a maximum time to avoid a crowded rasiostar tiring commercial break. Instant Jingles with auto-gain reducing of the main audio While playing an instant jingle the main audio automatically reduces it's volume option in the percentage you have previously selected.

A brand new video automation with integrated graphics, powerful video rotation, programmable and live graphics. Jazler also takes care to fill in the gap in case that the main stations commercials duration is bigger than the simulcaster, filling in with music or jingles.

Import Playlists 22.30 external Playlisters Jazler RS2 has a strong import engine to import text playlists from the most famous playlisting softwares.

New version RadioStar 2! About us Company info Partners Why choose us? The studio screen now hosts a browser for direct playback of audio files without the need of importing them into the database. We keep looking forward for new products to cover your needs easily and reliable. Now you know exactly which songs will be played before and after a Spot Break and also the duration of each Break.

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