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The power amps are definitely more dynamic, accurate and complete. Support for further development. Latest Popular Comments Tags.

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LePou Free Amp Sim Plugins Overview (Video) | Masters of Music

Enter your email address to receive updates: The signal I have used is: Anyway, today I want to talk about a new guitar cabinet IR library that has just been released by Rosen Digital. The same mic position has been used for all the cabinets position 3b.

Derek Reply January 11, at 7: I have tested this library extensively in the last few days and Lepoy have to admit that these IR sound great. Again, no post processing has been applied apart a bit of reverb. The power amps are definitely more dynamic, accurate and complete.

All the controls of the amp sim were at noon.

The video below demonstrates several of the amp sounds and settings as well. The LePou Plugins blog features some examples if you want to hear how the amp sims sound, including some new high gain amp sims that are under development.

It features 2 channels with 2 modes each, 2 assignable tonestack, and drive and tone controls. I wanted to say thanks for providing this post which pointed me to the LePou amp sims and Nadir cab simulator. It has 3 channels, each with 3 Pre EQ settings. Here you will find guitar oriented plugins I have developed for both Windows and Mac.

I have setup new download links. Cool, thanks for info. They are well balanced with a well defined low end.

I can't say if it's more accurate or not because I haven't done any comparison with any of the real gear the sims lepo inspired by. No post processing has been applied on any of these samples.

LePou Free Amp Sim Plugins Overview (Video)

LeCab 2 lets you run up to 6 simultaneous impulses, there are a variety of filters and effects, including phase and delay, and latency control down to 64 samples. Below you can hear some short samples. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It also contains custom cabinet IR digitally created by some blending process Why don't you test them by yourself, go grab the library here.

However, I think it feels and responds better than my previous sims. Here are some tests of new high gain amp sims I'm working on. To do so, I have used Jaymz DI and backing track of his Nevermore Narcosynthesis cover with pluugins link to the appropriate forum thread. I know it's been a while since my last post here.

The next playlist illustrates the 2x12 cabinet IR use for clean tone. The goal is just to give you an idea of broad spectrum that can be obtained with this library. There are a number of amp simulation plugins llugins cabinet emulators available online.

The top end is clear without being too fizzy. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The plugins are available for both Mac and Windows. I have completely rework the algorithm.

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