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We and others 21 , 22 failed to identify mutations in the mexZ-mexXY intergenic regions of MexXY overproducers, which is somewhat intriguing. We make no representation that these publicly available documents are accurate or complete. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Because they affect the dimer interface, the first group of mutations GlyAsp, GlyGlu, and SerIle are predicted to strongly impair the dimerization of MexZ and its subsequent binding to the regulatory sequences upstream of mexXY.

Abstract Constitutive overproduction of the pump MexXY-OprM is recognized as a major cause of resistance to aminoglycosides, fluoroquinolones, and zwitterionic cephalosporins in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Foreign securities markets may be more volatile than U.

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The numbers appearing in the following table and examples have been rounded for ease of analysis. PheTyr was associated with group 1 mutation GlyAsp in strain A go fingerprint referred to as the hexadecimal code was assigned to each strain and corresponded to the SNP combination found Finally, mutations of the third group were distributed all along the rest of the structure.

Including aemz new eligible securities such as IPOs that were not eligible for earlier inclusion in the index. Role of the multidrug efflux system MexXY in the emergence of moderate resistance to aminoglycosides among Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates bd patients with cystic fibrosis.

Induction of the MexXY efflux pump in Pseudomonas aeruginosa is dependent on drug-ribosome interaction. Resistance mechanisms of multiresistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from Germany and correlation with hypermutation. In agreement with this, Morita et al.

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The hypothetical total returns set forth below are for illustrative purposes only and may not be the actual total returns applicable to a purchaser of the Notes. In addition to pure structural effects, some additional points should be noted. Tc rtetracycline; Ap rampicillin; Km rkanamycin. If an event occurs that does not require the calculation agent to adjust the amount of the shares of the Reference Asset, the market price of the relevant Jj and the Payment at Maturity may be materially and adversely affected.

Emsley P, Cowtan K. Whether the 7-bp deletion characterized in strain prevents the formation of a terminator-like stem-loop ahead of operon mexXY or forces the ribosome to pause, allowing mexXY transcription, is unclear at the moment. Translational control of the antibiotic inducibility of amz PA gene required for mexXY armzz efflux gene expression in Pseudomonas a.

Dollar strengthens against the currencies in which the equity securities held by the underlying index trade, the value of the Reference Asset may be adversely affected, and the principal payment at maturity of the notes may be reduced.

Emergence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains producing high levels of persister cells in patients with cystic fibrosis.

The underlying index has no obligation to continue to publish, and may discontinue publication of, the underlying index. With one exception 26such mutants arnz not been reported previously to infect or colonize patients.

Your return on the Notes may not reflect the return you would receive on a conventional fixed or floating rate debt instrument with a comparable term to maturity issued by HSBC or any other issuer with a similar credit rating. Changes of this type are generally implemented in the indices as they occur. If a Knock-Out Event has occurred, you will receive a cash payment on the Maturity Date that will reflect the performance of the Reference Asset subject to the Maximum Cap.

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The purchaser of a note will acquire a security linked to a single Reference Asset hhow below. Expression of the MexXY efflux pump in amikacin-resistant isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Investing in the Notes is not equivalent to investing directly in the Reference Asset or any of the component securities held by the Reference Asset.

Finally, the consequence of the last mutation, LeuMet in strainis more difficult to explain, as it is located at the outer surface of the molecule. The historical Official Closing Prices of the Reference Asset should not be taken as an indication of future performance, and no assurance can be given as to the Official Closing Price on the Final Valuation Date.

The calculation agent is not required to make an adjustment for every corporate action which affects the shares of the Reference Asset. This multispecific arjz efflux system a a large range of zrmz, including zwitterionic cephalosporins cefepime, cefpiromemacrolides e. This means that the trading prices of shares of the Reference Asset are expected to be affected by factors affecting such foreign securities markets.

Structural alterations in the translational attenuator of constitutively expressed ermC genes.

More surprising was the observation that agrW1 mutants may survive in the clinical setting while being deficient in protein synthesis.

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