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If you go to the Amazon page where the book is being sold, you will see a whole lot of readers ripping on it and it seems it was neither sanctioned by anyone officially affiliated with Scrum. Hi Garin, Yes -- this information isn't new and still floating about. I dug around and found this blog that outlines a heated exchange between Ken Schwaber and the author of the so called "official" guide.

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He wants to promote books from people in his organization i. That is why I hired the lawyer.

If you use any other resource, it may help your understanding of Scrum in different scenarios but do not count guidr the content to be of any help for the PSM exam. Put your name on your post so we all know who you are. Regarding your "practical experiance, Prashant -- the link to the article you sent appears to move away from the original thread and is a bit dated.

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ebok Worse, the book was written by thirty or so people, none of whom are active in the Scrum or agile community. The beginning of the end of Agile?

Jun 10, 1: You should read this - http: Good luck in your journey. Scrum is a framework on which you build your process and not a methodology itself. This review is completely inaccurate and unethical, and should be removed by Amazon for the following reasons: The Gift of Project Management Dec 5: Jan 31, 9: First, it had extended the Scrum Guide where Jeff and I define Scrum from 17 pages to the in the book. I had to hire a law firm to deal with them But, I always had a question, whether i should read that or not as it was extended to around 20 times in page length from the original scrum guide by Ken.

Scrum can take different shapes between different teams because of the fundamental aspect of being an empirical process. The Scrum Guide seems like a much better introduction, it's easy to read and focuses on the minimum practices you need to get started doing Scrum. November 04, It is posted on Amazon. I put my comment under my name. If you take the SBOK with a very small grain of salt as just a bunch of suggestions, that would be fine; but taking the info and applying it because the book says to do so is not the best idea.

So how do you choose the right certification provider? How Tridibest got it removed:. Please login or join to subscribe to this item. Tridibesh et al have never seen your organization, your projects, your context, or your goals. - The SBOK? Looks like anyone can create a PM standard these days!

Yep, ScrumStudy is a bogus organization. If anyone here knows amazon and can help, please do so. Librarians, Zombies or Ninjas?

I found that sboj of the people were ugide the same country where ScrumStudy is located India and that most had never reviewed anything on Amazon before.

Dec 14, 5: As we all know the SCRUM market is the wild wild west right now with three companies trying to become the preferred solution in the market.

This was definitely a helpful post that saved my time. The world is more Disruptive than ever.

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