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Runs slow, a few graphical problems in the boards and objects. Separate names with a comma. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Major improvements in beta 2!

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Let the dead horse rest already. Disable daedwlusx64 Async Sync really sucks away speed - FPS drop from about 22 to 15 immidiately - Disabling the Sound is strongly recommended. Takes a while to get to the game but no glitches at all, texture check disabled.

Try to use this Savestate to skip that point, but Kirby isn't visible.

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Can it enter a game and play? Major improvement in Beta 2!

Glover DaedalusX64 Beta 2 Slim 5. What version PSP and firmw Playable: Certain parts of daedalusx46 and walls make "hall of mirrors" effect. Takes awhile to start up but once it does it's very smooth.

Great fps, but has too many graphical problems; many textures are not displayed, the cars look semi-invisible, the sky is not displayed.

No floor, many objects discolored.

The bug where the game would randomly return to the Daedalus X64 menu with Dynarec enabled doesn't seem to happen anymore. Sometimes freezes PSP during gameplay.

Pxp name or email address: Tried several different settings. Background is ok, but you can see only the white shapes of the tanks. Wave Race 64 v1. Batman Beyond Daedalusx64 Beta 2 Slim 5.

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If you use a savestate you can load with it enabled but it causes Major graphical bugs. Texture update check to at least 30 so the map doesn't scramble and characters flicker in some mini-games. No, create an account now. Ralph Oct 25, Big Mountain Daedalusx64 Beta 2 Slim 5.

Audio stutters, overall working. The only graphics glitches are in the daeralusx64 surfaces as you go up hill, apart from that, runs very ddaedalusx64.

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Works fine until you get to in-game. Emulation hangs at Press Start screen, a Savestate may help! Get an N64 or use a PC. On training levels, it's actually quite playable with no shaking. Some graphical glitches, mostly texture on Robo and 2D sprites.

Takes about 30 seconds to load. Makes me wonder why people aren't making a n64 emulator. Turok - The Dinosaur Hunter v1. Tried all settings; if you disable DynaRec you can see the frame rate as opposed to completely black with it on but nothing loads.

The intro is wonderful and it runs at full speed, but the game goes slower showing many graphical problems and signs of shaking.

Sep 19, Espresso.

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