Cash drawer cables are not available from TransAct. Ithaca Cartridge Single Green. You may need to alternate between forward and backward feeding with the machine held upside down to clear some difficult jams. The best way to determine which 25 pin communication interface is present in the printer is to print a configuration listing from the printer. Parallel Cable, 25 pin male to 36 pin Centronics male.

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See Manual Configuration under the Quick Reference section.

Ithaca POSjet 1000

The 25 pin Parallel and 25 pin Serial interfaces ithaca posjet 1000 exactly the same externally. Close all of the covers. Serial communication transmits data on only 2 wires, one for sending and one for receiving one bit at a time.

Ethernet I Printer Setup Guide. The COM port settings must match the printer serial posjeet to communicate properly.

Ithaca POSjet Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

ighaca Easy to integrate, with major emulations available. What do the fault indicator LEDs mean on the printer? This command code depends ithaca posjet 1000 the Emulation Mode the printer is in. Drop-in replacement for leading ithaca posjet 1000 receipt printers. Parts can be ordered online through our TransAct Supplies website at http: POSjet Operator’s Guide.

Printer may not print at all even though the cartridges are inserted. Where can I order paper?

A first for the industry, POSjet marks the beginning ihaca a bold step in transaction printing. Remove and Re-insert the cartridges. Prints 2-color logos, graphics, even coupons.

POSjet Programmer’s Guide. Parallel Cable, 25 pin male to 25 pin male.

Ethernet I Adapter Firmware. And ithaca posjet 1000 that the point of sale? Parallel and serial communications are two distinct ways of getting data from a PC to our printer.

The printer will cut the paper when the printer receives the cut command from the system. Surprisingly affordable ink cartridges. Install the cartridge so ithaca posjet 1000 tab is facing the printer front.


Paper can be ordered online through our TransAct Supplies website at http: Clearing a paper jam ithaca posjet 1000 the most prevalent problem you will encounter. A closer look will reveal that the electronics on the actual interfaces boards are different.

You can find the drivers on our website. Windows Driver Installation Guide. It’s a huge opportunity with endless potential for anyone who wants to keep customers coming back.

Ithaca POSjet Printer – Big Sales, Big Inventory and Same Day Shipping!

This can be determined by printing a configuration listing. DO NOT use screw drivers, etc. Vertically mounted board defies messy spills. Ethernet Interface Cable Required: Ithaca posjet 1000 I Adapter Installation Guide.