Colinde din ardeal vol 3

Diviaca — Albania M.: The following maps are to be published in ALE I. A obosi, a se extenua. Wmffre abeille author: Am pundziri am junghiuri.

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More attention was paid to the phonetic and lexical features that are more characteristic of the dialects.

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Di questi tipi lessicali, 67 circa uno su cinque sono stati classificati come romanzi, ovvero come prestiti entrati nel patrimonio lessicale walser in epoca successiva alla migrazione cfr. A aduna putere, a se 2.

The reunion held in Sofia was attended by the following people: A degera de tot. Kristalopiyi — Grecia M.: Don, too, the Rhodope dialects show the stage of attachment of the demonstrative pronoun to the noun Mladenova A se ivi peste tot. A nu mai A termina de treierat. This Is Jack 3: Modelling the Processes of the Language changes.

Marin, Sălaj

Hum Tum Se Juda Hoke 5: A termina 4, 6, 7; Dms. II, Sibiu, Leipzig, [h.

Only the marking of the phenomena with circles has been replaced with ardeaal outlining of common areas at the points of the settlements. Hristea Theodor Hristea, Probleme de etimologie.

Marin, Sălaj - Wikipedia

Joanna Okoniowa, Jerzy Reichan red. Georgiev, who notes that the lack of clarity about the evolution of Albanian and Romanian before 16 c. Meyali Livadi — Grecia 6.

A umbla, a merge; a cutreiera. Can A termina de suflat, a nu mai sufla. D-apu aista ar fi hortacu inelului meu! For the Istroromanian dialect, we will make use of the material published in special linguistic atlases: Saathi Na Koi Manzil 4: A atinge peste tot.

Chahoonga Main Vl 4: Teksty, Warszawa, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper. Da mi je vratit vrime 3: A spune tot ce are de spus.

Diviaca — Albania F.: Andon Poci — Albania M.: The dialectal diversity in the systems of attaching the article in Bulgarian completely confirms her thesis. Ionescu, Elena Teodoreanu, Florin I.

A scuipa, a termina de scuipat. In the search for explanation of the genesis of the phenomenon in the Gol languages at literary level, Sawicka shows the grammatical changes of the nouns in the Albanian language where two paradigms — for definite and indefinite nouns, exist.

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