Gorgoroth antichrist

That means that if you are new to black metal and afraid of noisy, cultish productions, here you'll feel quite safe. However, the two clunkers are unmemorable and boring. Compared to Pentagram , this album sucks. The Season of Mist re-release included a second instrumental, although the album cover still only lists the original six tracks.

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Hat sounds similar to his work on Pentagram, although he seems a bit more coherent, possibly only due to the production.

Under the Sign of Hell is an entirely different beast altogether.

It was re-released several times: The great groove is an updated version of that we found on "Pentagram", but the intensity is something the band achieved through progression - yes, I said progression.

Infernus, during this time, had an uncanny ability to tap into a world of uninhibited curiosity, emotional journeys, and great discoveries. ogrgoroth

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The album that is officially the beginning of Gorgoroth's history, this album is what the first album should have been. The best album that they have made, and will most probably be their best ever is without anticjrist doubt Under The Sign of Hell.

None of the track are weak at all, though. While Under the Sign of Hell sounds like a band that finally stabilized, Antichrist sounds like a clearinghouse album by a quasi-band that doesn't know whether they're going to be around next week. The latter was released in a gatefold sleeve, and included a guitar pick signed by Infernus.


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mail. Each one of the tracks on this album is essential, and it could be said that this has a greater ration of truly excellent material than that on 'Pentagram'.

This is a killer album gorvoroth those that listened to Pentagram and then moved to this will notice some oddities. But then, without even noticing it, this album began to get more and more playtime in my stereo. Even the vocals are not that good I love Pest's vocals in the next album, but here he sounds very weak and frog-like and the little I can make out of the lyrics sounds childish.

So Gorgoroth took their time to come up for a follow up to their first record, "Pentagram", and how And with no one else on vocals aside from him this time, the album feels much more tuned and I think that largely has to do with how solid the line up was.

While it isn't one of a kind as it's predecessor and doesn't brings anything unique, it has what every worthy bm album should have: The recording process of "Anitichrist" was somewhat fragmented, yet the album has quite a strong identity on its own. OzzyApuJuly 17th, Bergtrollets Hevn is an ok song, it's a fun song to listen to and contains a few catchy riffs and drum beats, but it's nothing to write home about, and could easily be the work of some second rate kvlt kiddie bedroom black metal one man outfit.

Following their debut Pentagram an album I enjoyed well enough the roster of that album began to disintegrate. The song, from its title, seems to be almost intended as a kind of parody, which hardly fits Gorgoroth's uncompromising image; yet, the weird and rather forced sounding accent of the vocals provided by Pest, and way different from his usual style and the over he top cheesiness of the lines that can be made out "we are possessed by evil, we are possessed by Satan!

Antichrist (Gorgoroth album) - Wikipedia

Actually, Gorgorotb take that back a little; the only times you feel any bit of unholy fervor is with the two longest tracks: I never listen to it, preferring the far superior and incredibly more consistent Under the Sign of Hell, which is Gorgoroth's best album, leaving this pathetic effort in the dust. He will actually use a very similar patter on Satyricon's "Prime Evil Renaissance" from the "Rebel extravaganza" album.

After the second verse with Infernus gofgoroth down some slow,solemn leads along the waythe song goes into a much faster part, which can described as simply spectacular: Pest and Hat put in a great performance with typical black metal raspiness and incorporation of clean vocals in certain places. You know black metal, right? I won't deny it's a catchy tune, which is probably why it's still part of their live setlist, but it's far from my favorite in this album.

Despite that, the band managed to keep a very dinstinct sound and attitude through the years. Still, I think this album is a lot stronger than Destroyer and deserves some praise. That, is nowhere NEAR being a bad thing, simply because all tracks sound great.

While most of them regard Pentagram and Under the Sign of Hell as masterpieces, this one is loved by some and hated by others, and it's antichirst to see why: The album ends with a long slower godgoroth called "Sorg" sorrowand it does live to its name as it's a very sad and depressing tune. Both this recording and Gorgoroth's previous effort, "Pentagram", are worthwhile music expeditions that history will show as being black metal cornerstones.

Antichrist is a mixture of moods.

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