Once upon a time 2x09

Or, in this case, two in, two back. The group decide to help Emma and Mary Margaret. A clash of green lightning strikes the well, which creates an electric barrier of sorts. Regina and Hook stand over the tomb, the former of which dressed all in black, wearing a mourning crown and carrying a single, red rose. What OUAT looks like to people who have never seen the show.

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Aurora takes a large inhale and Mulan smiles, the former thanks the latter. Hook walks toward her from behind the vault of hearts, asking why she didn't kill Regina.

The enchantment will only allow you to rip out one heart, so make sure you do it right. Queen Regina stands at the door, assuring Hook that Belle is not useless, but a "valuable chess piece".

She kisses David, which causes the sleeping curse to be broken. Hook takes the ashes and sprinkles them into the lake. Hook holds up the mummified bean. And now, the ashes. Then he shows Emma the magic bean that the giant kept and compares her to it; saying that she too is dried up and useless. You're gonna kill them!

Gold says before putting up the palm of his hand, sending her flying backwards across the woods. The man prevails against two guards, and is revealed to be Hook. Snow tells Cora that she's not x209 anywhere and that the portal's taking them home, she instructs Emma to get the compass and the blonde obeys, running beside the portal and towards Cora and Hook.

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Hook easily slips her and floors her, he goes to attack her but is immediately distracted by another arrow fired from Snow to protect her daughter. Not as long as Cora has my heart.

Everyone runs out leaving just Hook and Cora. Mulan gives her sword to Mary Margaret and leaves to go give Aurora her heart. Lake Nostos blows its top. Something that was once magical, full of hope, possibility… Now look at it.

Henry and Ruby arrive. Gold wanted her to. In the fairytale land that is, MulanEmmaAurora and Snow ignite the torches that light the prison containing Rumplestiltskin's cell. In the other room, Mr. Mulan looks conflicted over what to do.

The Price of Magic. The two of them jump into the whirlpool portal. Nobody steals from a dwarf!

Onec were the key to breaking the curse. The Curse settles overhead, but does not engulf them. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mary Margaret Blanchard Jennifer Morrison Son of a bitch… Suddenly, Aurora grabs a rock and throws it against a lever just outside of the cell.

"Queen of Hearts"

The two of them turn to leave, but Emma calls out to Hook. Cora asks of Hook to bring her close to tine daughter, so she can rip her heart out. The knight grabs the man's shoulders and his hood drops, we see he's Captain Hook and he digs his famed hook into the knight's shoulder, and defeats him, a second guard advances on the pirate and Hook clashes hook to blade, he lunges at this soldier and stabs him in the gut, before throwing him over to the first.

In Storybrookethe magic blocking the portal in the well is still acting madly within it, emitting a green electric glow.

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