Dapz on the map round 2

Just do a show init, be brave. I was just sharing my struggle with others. Can a grime MC be allowed to sing? We will sit down and have mad debates about music bruv, about our sound and what we need to do.

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But I learned from those experiences and bounced back.

Things like daoz his voice, little gems that he was giving me on stage and all that stuff. From the age of 14 upwards, he began writing and recording music.

Now, just over a year later, mad things. Look at what Skepta says: I saw Kano come out to nine different cities, and the way he carries himself before, after and in the process of the show.

Would he be bigger if he were in London? I need to be like that all the onn. My next one will be my last one. It hit me hard. I started gaining confidence and started singing and that. No, DSAW is not finished fam. We will sit down and have mad debates about music bruv, about our sound and what we need to do.

I was thinking it was gonna sell out first week. You have to be a true artist man. Dwpz understand now why artists do this.

How does he manage to tap into that world so well? What is that famo? I should do, but if I did it would probably be mad settings. In this feature, we meet the stars behind the episodes, starting with Birmingham MC Dapz who tells us how the music he heard as a nap has influenced his life. Nah, not no more.

GrimeHQ | Dapz On The Map | Round 1

I used to go to school with Daniel Sturridge — I used to see him from primary school just being a champion, way ahead of his age. I think to myself, do I make grime?

Inhe released Round 2: People like Bruce Lee: It really is driving around the city until we get bored. You know when Neo sees everything in green?

What have I learned most from that Kano tour?

Dapz Injects the Raw Birmingham Grime Sound with Melody and Truth

It is definitely a motive though, serious agenda. My whole life compacted on a track — two or three tound tracks, probably — CD. The whole fact I was taking pictures for my brand and my business outside of a brand and business I used to depend on so much to do this, it felt really good man.

Drinking honey and lemon.

Exclusive Interview: Dapz On The Map – “I’m Already The Undisputed Champion of Being Me”

How is having a family factor in with what you do? Then one day I was listening to what was going on mwp the Birmingham scene, and I decided my music was good enough to sit alongside that.

I really enjoy melody, tones and expression — I geek out on all that.

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